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TEL: (917)284-4801

5 reasons why people buy furniture from us

1. Because we are in the heart of NYC at Manhattan. (For New Yorkers it is convenient when you buy something in your favorite city and district)

2. Low prices and high quality service as well as furniture (We know the good service is important and more important is the quality furniture, so we try with all our strength)

3. Free shipping in NYC, NJ and CT... (We did Free Delivery only in NYC and part NJ, CT and PA situated within 20 miles from our store. This was done to reduce the prices and to make the furniture more accessible) Free furniture assembly in New York from $ 1499. (We understand that when you buy furniture you want to have it installed at your home and to be delivered in the room you wish, so we do this for our clients. But we can provide this service for free only on orders over $ 1499)

4. On holidays there are holiday discounts! (We have discounts on every holiday as well as discounts for any amount)

5. We have an interest-free loan loan for one year. (We understand that it's better to buy quality and expensive furniture to serve more than 5 years than to buy cheap only for 1 year or even less)